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Mobilize Your Church

Have a heart to take Jesus to the nations? Have a passion to train leaders to impact the world with the Gospel? Ready to help your church reach the nations for Christ's Kingdom.

Churches in Transition

MTEC is available to work with churches and their leaders to build a focused mission initiative that compliments who the church is as a community. MTEC can help put a vision into practice so that the church can find, train and support long-term missionaries from its own congregation.

Recently, MTEC worked with a church in Texas to start a mission program of their own. Charlie has been mentoring them so that they could also take the name of Jesus to the nations. The pastor of Murphy Road Baptist Church in Murphy, Texas chose Communion Sunday to emphasize missions and the need to share the Gospel.

"The Bread and Wine had just been given when the pastor turned to the people and said, 'Has everyone been served?' Slowly a woman in native Chinese dress stood and said, 'I have not been served. I have never heard of Jesus.'

Another woman stood dressed in native clothing from Vietnam and did the same. One by one people stood to their feet dressed in clothing form different nations and said, 'I have not been served. I have never heard.'"